it's been difficult for me to find the right time to write because it's a month away from final which means assignments are queueing themselves, forcing me to get all of them done.
not to mention the dramas with some of the group members. urgh!
let's not ruin every one's morning with negativity so let's get down to the business.

last Wednesday was a public holiday.
I went to a wedding of a cousin of mine.
it was a really simple but beautiful wedding.
I really dig the pelamin. wanna see the pictures?
oh wait! I think my dad accidentally deleted the pictures he uploaded in Facebook -.-
so I can only upload those which I took with my phone.

bride and groom

the Akad Nikad was conducted earlier at the same place

I hated the fact the best man is wearing a shade. I think it kinda ruin the moment a bit :-/

I didn't had a chance to taste those

le familia


oh look! I colek him because he keeps on running and playing around me.

after we were done taking pictures and stuff off we went back home.
managed to send one kain to my usual tailor for baju Raya then settle my assignments.
packed my stuffs, went S4 hunting with N then I went back to my rented house. pheuw!
I'm a superwoman! okaylah I'm done merapu. I shall continue doing my assignments.
have a nice weekends. happy voting to everyone who already register themselves! assalamualaikum :-)


  1. kacak tutudng ko gya mie yerr kembang idong nun! haha

  2. kembang semangkok dah nie hahah


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