the guy call N

N is just an awesome stranger whom I met.
we barely know each other and it has been only a week plus since the day we said hello to each other.
I went out with him on last Sunday and these are pretty much how our conversation went.

Me: I already entered your house lorong. which one is your house?
N: where are you?
Me: in front of house number 63. parked my car like a boss.
N: where the heck is that?
Me: you lived here and you're asking me back?
N: I don't live here. my aunt live here. my home is back in Melbourne.
Me: fine! now how?
N: stay put I'm coming right at you.

5 minutes later...
Me: where are you? bayang pun sik nampak.
N: that's not your car?!
Me: which car?!
N: okay nyaris nak masuk kereta orang lain.
Me: -.- give me the exact location of your house.
N: straight till it's dead end then turn left.
Me: okay now what?
N: okay I see you already.

N: why does Malaysians drive like this?
Me: like what?
N: like you lah..
Me: you're talking as if you're not one.
N: I'm a Malaysian guy with Australian mentality
Me: whoa sakit perut dengar.
N: and that red light young lady supposedly cost you around 200 bucks.
Me: uuuu so berhemah
N: bujat
Me: lamak

Me: for a guy who's 190 cm tall and that pair of long legs you got there, you're walking very slow
N: let me take a look around bah this is my first time here.
Me: eh bukan dah pergi kah?
Me: no.. lalu jak..
Me: fine...
N: ya dah slow gilak doe..
Me: kitak padah jalan selowwww tek
N: dah eh mala kaie. haus mek kaka dengan kitak.

Me: why do you need a new bag?
N: because I need a new bag
Me: why?
N: to keep my coats and stuff
Me: why?
N: because I don't want to bring a plastic bag to the hospital
Me: what are you doing in the hospital?
N: because I'm a Medical student not a Marketing student like you.
Me: fair enough.

N: help me to make a decision.
Me: nah this floral bag suits you well
N: heart attack semua orang nangga mek lak eh
Me: lol! cariklah one solid colour pun bag..
N: this one worth sik owh 200+
Me: sik tauk eh p mun bisak boh anok kamek.
N: -.- you're not buying anything?
Me: sik.. kenak?
N: baruk nak cia you a pair of new shoes. selamat duit.

Me: sekda papa eh sitok.
N: sekpa jalan jak..
Me: I mean sekda kedey jual beg..
N: sekpa.. how Malay said it erm masok angin.
Me: ahahahahahaha it's makan angin. sebarang!
N: at least the word angin ya betul.
Me: nasib sik buang angin ahahahhahaha
N: beli dictionary English-BM lok eh mala kenak tetak kitak
Me: ahahahahaha

Me: what did you bought?
N: novel
Me: as if. apa ya doe?
N: it's comic.
Me: BM kah English?
N: kitak rasa?
Me: English.
N: nah it's BM. tengok the summary.
Me: macamlah kitak paham.
N: sikit-sikit. I need to improve my BM. ney tahan mala kenak tetak.

N: apa ya?
Me: Ogawa pun kerusi urut.
N: for?
Me: mengurut lah..
N: you've tried it before?
Me: yupe.
N: maok juak try..
Me: sikboh eh. lak kaki tak unjur-unjur jak.. bahaya orang lain kenak step.
N: -.-

N: okay wow!
Me: wow apa?
N: I thought like UNIMAS is just one building.
Me: no.. tak sik nangga kah betapa besarnya UNIMAS?
N: I know yalah mek terkejut tek..
Me: mok turunkah owh?
N: turunlah I wanna see your faculty.
Me: tapi hari macam nak hujan.
N: redah jak lah and I'm taking your matric card with me.
Me: don't lose it
N: I won't lah..

Me: you wanna sit here kah there?
N: there.
Me: mena sik?
N: sik.. here. panas eh sia..
Me: tauk pun..
N: makan apa owh?
Me: siktauk eh kitak. coba try Nasi Ayam Penyet.
N: banyak eh. share ta duak.
Me: sikmok. I'm full already.
N: fine. this thing eh boleh makankah?
Me: boleh jak.. nya sayur but I don't know how it tastes.
N: cobalah makan sayur.
Me: sikmok and you can't make me.
N: you're not gonna eat that kah?
Me: sayur!
N: I know but it's yours.
Me: maok kah? ambiklah.
N: nah eh my phone main game tunggu mek habis mkn..
Me: Yoona SNSD wallpaper pffttt
N: main jak game cya!
Me: fine!

N: why?
Me: apa?
N: the song.
Me: kenak?
N: sik paham eh
Me: perlukah mek summarize this song for you?
N: perlu.
Me: I told you to buy a dictionary tek eh.
N: I have you bah jadi translator.

and that's pretty much my Sunday evening.
I'll be seeing him again tomorrow insha'Allah.
I'll write again another day.. Assalamualaikum :-)


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