so little time

I've been reallyyyy busy.
ampunkan patik kerana telah mengabaikan blog ini.
let me summarize what I did last week minus ones on Tuesday okay?

I bumped into Izzat and Shahrul on my way to class.

Izzat: alhamdulillah. sejuk mata memandang.
Shahrul: nak ke mana Amy?
Me: kelas..
Shahrul: kelas agama ker?
Me: bongek! hahahaha
Izzat: aku baru jer puji. yang kuku kau nie apa cerita?
Me: suka hatilah. aku period. kalau orang sibuk-sibuk tanya, aku cakap jer aku lepas mengundi tak hilang lagi.
Shahrul: haish! budak ni..

lol! our conversation cracked their friends up.

had to deal with overly-attached Nazri

went out with them!

look what I found!

cuteness overload :-3

little brother who had made us and Malaysia proud finally came back from German. congratulation Saint Joseph  marching band for winning German Open Championship!!

went to buy a token of memory for Nazri which he really dig (Y)

I thought my discussion was cancelled so I was enjoying my Sunday morning by taking a nap after having my breakfast till I read a text from my group members which well half an hour after I received it. I just woke up from my nap :-3 they didn't mind that I was late because I brought them Red Velvet cake to make it up hewhew

Nazri's first Hielo on our last day hanging out..

shawl: bought from Fain, shirt: a gift from Nazri, cardigan, headband wore as bracelet: sister's, watch: a gift from dad, bag: a gift from usu Kon, phone: mom's lol!!

anyone wanted me to endorse their brand? :-p

so that was my last weekend summed up in one post.
I'll write again later. I have a briefing on UNIMAS Cancer Awareness Programme at 3.
assalamualaikum :-)


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