rough Tuesday

this week has been really rough for me.

on Tuesday, I was supposed to have my lunch with N.
I was in the car waiting for N to reply my texts.
then I decided to go and fill my car tank first while waiting for respond from N.
suddenly the engine of my car die on me while I was queue-ing in front of UNIMAS main gate.
the car refused to be restart so I took the initiatives to get out from the car and gave signal to the drivers of cars at the back to change their lane.
when I entered my car again, alhamdulillah it can be started but I was afraid it'll die on me again so I stopped at the guards post to call my dad and told N that I'm gonna be a wee bit late. guess what?!
I couldn't find my phone!! I was having a panic attack. I searched the whole car for it.
even the guards helped me to searched the whole car and they keep on calling my number.
they said my phone is still ringing so they told me to keep on searching it.
then it hit me that, it probably felt from my lap when I got out of the car earlier so I ran to the previously spot I stood at.
it was gone people. gone.

one of the guard lent me his phone so I could call mama.
drama mata air sebabak pun bermula di pondok pak guard main gate UNIMAS ignoring the facts there were a lot of cars lalu-lalang at that time.
saya pun tersadai di depan sana for almost an hour without my phone and a car yang hidup segan mati tak mahu.
until I spotted a friend of mine and screamed to the guard "pak cik!! please stop that car!"
I know, I'm such a drama queen T.T
I spotted Ismail and asked him a favour to tell Fatin that I lost my phone and ask Laila to come and get me.
Ismail's car was packed with Kay and 2 others who I don't recognized so he let me stand next to the car door with the aircond ditujukan to my face.
I was a damsel in distress and he's afraid that I'll cry because I keep on telling him I felt like crying lol

soon after that, both Laila and my parents arrived and I cried for the second time. or was it the third time?
the bottom line is that, I cried.
bapak left the car with one of the guard along with the car key.
the usual mechanic will fetch the car later.
le parents told me to follow them back to Kuching and make a new simcard at Digi Centre.
the whole time in the car, I was trying to trace N using WeChat because I don't have his number for the very obvious reason.
we reached Kuching, le parents went for lunch which I skipped because I was too depressed.
so bapak told mama to hurry up because I think he was stressed out seeing me all worn out with puffy eyes, red nose and only had a glass of green tea not wanting to eat anything.

alhamdullillah with the advanced technology, my simcard was restored.
my credit was still there and so does my Internet plan pheuw!
I logged in my WeChat account, and there was N sending me stupid emoticons.
I told him the whole story and he said "where are you now? I'm coming to fetch you.." dengan konfidennya.
I mean it's not like he knows the road or anything =.='
he told me to get some rest but I felt guilty because he still hasn't had his lunch waiting for me.
so we agreed to meet up at The Spring and had our lunch there with his friend, Wan.

I left earlier than them because I had a discussion on that night with my group members.
once I reached my second home, I took my bath and managed to take power nap before driving to UNIMAS again.
I arrived a bit late around 8.30 pm and expected to be told off.
so I walked around the whole area of Kolej BRC to see if I can spotted any of my group members.
I couldn't call them because of again, the very obvious reason.
I even used the Look Around feature of WeChat, that feature is very helpful I tell you..
but still there's no sign from any of them. I mean they don't even call me. yelah takut I sesat ker kan T.T
I ended up sitting at BRC's cafe with Fahdina and her friends watching them doing their assignments.

I was there for almost an hour before I spotted 2 of my group members.
I actually enjoying myself sitting with them because they reminded me of my days at KML.
they were mostly Sabahan and 3 of their friends yang tiada kena-mengena with our discussion were sitting with us and cracked me up.
lucu bah.. kilik-kilik gelagatnya..

Haidar: kenapa kamu di sini nie? aku tunggu kamu di dalam bah..
Arianti: mana aku tau kau di dalam. kau teda bagitau pun..
As: panas bah si Dare'.. jangan bah kau marah. ( it's how Bugis-ian pronounce his name, Haidar becomes Dare' )
Haidar: marah bah aku.. lama sudah aku menunggu. aku pusing-pusing sajak di dalam tu. tengok muka tiap-tiap orang tu bah. takut sudah mereka tu sama ku. ingat perogol mungkin.
Me: ahahahahahahahahahahaaha
As: kau bah nie.. ketawak sudah si Amy..
Haidar: bah macam mana ni?
Arianti: sini saja bah kita bincang.
Haidar: di dalam bah kita. panas nie..
Arianti: ee teda orangkah di dalam?
Haidar: teda lah bah.. aku sudah cakap teda. lagi kau mau tanya.
As: sabar bah Dare'..
Haidar: iyalah panas aku nie.. lama sudah aku menunggu.

as you can see, their conversation really cracked me up.
As and Arianti told me that once, a lecturer asked Haidar what is the benefits of Internet.
let me quote his exact words " bagus bah Internet nie, dapat download azan. dapat download takwim. naa.." lol!!
I was laughing through out our discussion.
do not memandang rendah on Haidar, A bah tu paper Accounting.
which I have problems to just adjusting my trial balance T.T

I went back quite late.
when I reached home, it was already midnight.
I drove home with playing on the radio with my mouth constantly reciting zikir.
the road was already sunyi and it was my first time driving alone at that late of night.
alhamdulillah I reached home safe and sound without other creatures trying to pull their pranks on me.
Fatin was already in a deep sleep while Manis was spending her night again at CAIS trying to finish her project with the others.

and that was well my Tuesday alone. rough huh?
I shall get back to my assignment. I'll write again later. assalamualaikum!

p/s thanks N for these and I know you bought these because I told you once I love the colour :-)


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