rock paper scissors

last night, I was in not in a my usual cheerful mood.
I have tons of assignments to do and I have to show one of it be review by the lecturer this morning.
not to mention I have to compile all of my group members work too.
but N being a kid stuck in a 23 years old guy body, sort of lifted my mood and cracked me up.
it all started with...

this is where it's gonna get funny

I was pissed. yes people, I got pissed playing rock paper and scissors virtually =.='

THIS cracked me up. I was getting on his nerve lol!

and it ended with him getting really pissed over this stupid game which he suggested at the first place lol!

he can't even make a simple decision of when to take his shower.
how can people trust their heart in the hand of this future cardiac surgeon?!
I'm currently waiting for his flight to reach KL from Singapore. kelak sik ditunggu ada orang takut berjalan melalu pondan bila berjalan balit ke hotel.
he's afraid of shemale. don't tell him I told you that. I'm signing off. assalamualaikum :-)


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