last week

I think I should updated you guys on last week.
on Monday, I skipped Biz Maths because it was raining heavily in Kuching.
kaitan? it's dangerous to drive during that kind of weather hewhew alasan main.
but I came for HuBet lecture, though I was sitting outside Bilik Seminar with Ija doing our assignment.
I was literally sitting on the floor near the lift in front of the stairs with many pair of eyes were watching us.
but I couldn't care less because I need to get ze assignment done since EVERYONE ELSE happens to HAVE OTHER ASSIGNMENTS and DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO EDIT VIDEO PFFTTTT
HELLO! saya pun ada banyak assignments lain okay! but I still commit to my works and I took initiatives to download the software because my laptop isn't equipt with one and search for tutorials on how to use it in Youtube!
SHOW SOME EFFORTS PEOPLE! EFFORTS! kalau tak paham English let me translated it for you, USAHA!
pernah tak dengar USAHA tu tanda kejayaan?
I'm not condemning anyone, tapi ini adalah fakta. if my leader was a Chinese, things would be different.
even so you're not good at editing videos, TRY LAH CHECK GOOGLE OR YOUTUBE OKAY! for Allah sake. urgh!
bila nak apply the same thing dalam pelajaran, FAIL! sila terasa.
kalau ikutkan hati, I wouldn't put your names there! dah I buat sorang, markah pun sorang jelah. tak ker begitu?

thank Allah for granting beautiful scenery the whole time I was there. bagi sejuk sikit mata biar sampai ke hati.

ini budak pun bagi saya senyum. he wore the belt I gave him to a gathering for his brother's family in law

Tuesday was the day WE'RE supposed to submit the video assignment.
once the class was over, I went to CAIS with Ija and edited all of the videos and compiled them.
little that I know that my laptop is too heavy and converting such folder to mp4 format will take hours!
I edited them from 11 and done by 2 but converting it took me from 2 till 7 T.T
did anyone even asked how's the progress or do we need any help? NOPE. NADA. TIADA.
its a group assignment! you tell me how can this be..
you know what else happened in the meantime?
N was off to Melbourne, I couldn't send him off.
my dad called and told me that one of my nenek saudara just passed away, I couldn't go to the funeral.
PERMINTAAN ANDA TIDAK AKAN DILAYAN. NOKTAH! but I'm keeping Ija and will not share her.
Nellie came to spend the huge time gap between her classes with me and brought me to had my lunch while Ija watched over my laptop because it was already 3 in the evening.

it was a Spaghetti but they substitute it with kuah ikan sardin, sausage and corn. not gonna buy it for the second time but it kept me going, enough for the day :-/

we emailed Puan Rohaya saying that we're gonna submit our assignment a bit late, we can't make it before 4
but when we saw the faculty was still open at 7, me and Ija rushed to her office and managed to put the CD in a box prepared outside of her office's door.
do you know what else happened on that day?
I mistakenly took my sister's contact lens which are half of my degree and wore it, only realising that fact when I already reached UNIMAS.
I didn't brought my spect, so that night was probably one of the most challenging night for me to drive back home and not to mention I have to send Ija back first.
I only clearly saw car and street lights. they look like bokeh.
I only used left lane and drove around 40 km/hour.
alhamdulillah I managed to reach my second home, safely.

oh ya, N text me when he reached KL. he even called that night but I felt asleep after I had my dinner. he send me a text right after he reached Melbourne while I rushed to get to my class in time.

on Wednesday, once I reached home after finished my class I terus qada' tidur.
you guys can actually tell how much sleep I 've been getting and how stress I was just by looking at my eye bags and jerawat all over my face.
the eye bags are getting less obvious nowadays but the jerawatssss are still here.
mintak kenak gasak pakey kertas pasir kali.
I finally had time for myself, do my laundry and move on to other assignment.

on Thursday, I was getting really sleepy in the class because one whole UNIMAS was having a blackout.
so there was no aircond in the class, alhamdulillah the class was huge and I didn't felt the heat.
back to the sleepy part, look what woke me up in the middle of class.

me: it's 10 something already bah sitok. you just woke up?! N: jetlag bah ngek boh ngerepak.

he and his excuses.
his energy level is the same standard with smartphones battery.
it goes down fast though he didn't do anything.
I edited my group poster for Consumer Behavior which is ugly but I'll let you guys see it in a bit.
if I can do it black and white, I would have done it that way. kata-kata seorang gadis yang tidak berseni.

one ugly poster, okay scroll down cepat-cepat!

I went to print out the poster and had dinner first with Fatin before I went back home.
I stayed at home the whole weekends rembulaknya lah because dad wasn't around and my aunt was not feeling so well.
she was admitted to Normah a few days before and still can't do any heavy works.
the only time I went out was for grocery shopping with mama and look who I met!

I was competing with little kids for my turn because I'm childish like that :-3

and finally pergi ngabas rumah arwah nek anjang. Al-Fatihah.

when me and my grandma reached home after that, we found my aunt in pain sitting on the kitchen's floor holding tight on her tummy.
thank Allah because my sister stayed with her at home and she was preparing things to go to the hospital already.
so that night you can find me at Normah's Emergency Room lobby, leaning at my grandma's shoulder sleeping.
we were accompanied by my uncles. aunties and cousins because family matter.
we went back home at midnight soon after my aunt done receiving her meds.
once I reached home, kemas terus tidur because I was exhausted.

on Sunday as I mentioned in the previous post, I rushed to UNIMAS for briefing of FEB Cancer Awareness Programme.
so that was last week.
it's really exhausted being me.
sometimes I wish I can take a break from being myself.
so I can also lepas tangan when doing assignments.
so I can cry when I skip my meals.
so I can skip classes whenever I want.
so I can depends on someone else rather than having people depending on me.
but then again if I start to be someone else, I think I would hate that Amy 2.0

I need to clarify something on N.
we are just friends but we are way pass the awkward stage with each other.
it's nice having someone who doesn't get bored talking to you and doesn't mind how silly you can be.
it's nice having someone who would clean your fork and spoon with a tissue for you before you use it.
it's nice whenever he eats, he would first cut a portion of his meal for you.
even though we're continents away, the first question he would ask is "have you eat?" because he knows he's not around to treats you to meal.
it's nice having someone who appreciated your laughter that he made it his text ringtone.
it's nice. it's really really nice. and I'm in need of nice things my life.
so that's of N. we really are just friends.
his head still turned 360 degree when he saw a pretty girl walked passed by.

I shall signed off and get back to reality so I can collect materials to write in the next entries.
assalamualaikum :-)


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