dear you

what is definition of moving on?
oh yes we're talking about that stuff again.

moving on is:
1. when you wake up every morning, the first thing you check is your phone but you don't expect to see that name appears on your handphone screen anymore. I mean you still need to dismiss the alarm clock right?

2. when you hear you-and-him/her song, it doesn't remind you of that person anymore. it's just that it's a good damn song to listen to!

3. your Recently Closed tabs on your Google Chrome home doesn't consisted of that person's Facebook profile anymore but erm, Candy Crush.

4. when you stumbled upon your old photos with that person, the first thing that popped out from your mouth was "yaRabbi rambutku encuwei jak keluar dari skaf. haih! semperna rupa juak."

5. when you perform your solat, him/her is not in your doa anymore.

6. if he/she is in a hard time, you don't feel that it's a triumph for you.

if you wonder, these are the things that are happening to me.
moving on is not about finding someone new to replace your ex.
moving on is living day to day without your ex and well, still be happy.

dear you, if you need to know I've been alhamdulillah happy. it doesn't feel like the end of the world anymore.
I hope you are too. I hope you are happier without me. I mean it.
I hope you'll make wiser decisions in future. I'm over my bitterness if you must know.
if returning to her makes you the happiest man in the world then do it. stop hesitating.
even if you date the most beautiful woman in the world but she still lingers in your head and rest deep down in your heart, you won't be grateful.
stop it. stop torturing yourself. stop lying about your feelings. stop pretending that you're okay. just stop.
stop thinking to much and do what makes you happy.
don't worry about me. I've always know how to take a good care of myself.
I'm not sure if you'll be reading this but I'm taking my chance. so yeah.
assalamualaikum :-)


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