the name is Cai

it's Friday! alhamdulillah.
Fatin and Manis managed to achieve a really great success this morning by making this one exhausted and sleep deprived lady to perform Subuh before Syuruk.
but after I talked with them about Gwiyomi and did it until the third step dalam keadaan mamai and made Fatin burst laughing and told her how I'm so gonna bertapa di dalam gua if I ever did a video on it, I went back to sleep.

I'm done with my mid-term examinations!
so it's time to focus on ze assignments which remind me that I have a discussion after Zohor today.
alhamdulillah I did great on Consumer Behavior paper and menerima markah setimpal dengan usaha with my Organization Behavior paper T.T
I still don't know what I'm gonna get for Business Mathematics, Information System in Business Organization and Accounting papers.
I'm hoping for the best especially on my Accounting paper kerana akaunku tidak balance wuwuwu

and speaking of last Wednesday which I had my Accounting paper on the morning and Business Mathematics paper on the evening.
I was having sleep deprived that morning and woke up early to continue my revision.
I had this uneasy feelings which then I try to soothe it with a really nice shower.
and finally calm down after I perform Subuh prayer.

it was 7 something, I was reading through my notes in the car..
when my eyes caught Mr.Cai *insert happy long sigh*
I was staring at him from the back then he turned around then we had some eye contact till he disappeared from my sight.
I rushed out from my car and try to walk quickly but in a really calm way.. does this makes any sense?

moving on, I was having conflict my myself that should I buy my mineral water here at kiosk CTF2 or at my own faculty.
then I saw him talking with some of his friends which then he noticed and stared back at me.
I was trying my best to keep my poker face on though all I wanna do is smile.
I dodged my head a bit, grabbed my phone and ended up smiling at my phone screen. lol!
I know, I'm an idiot. An idiot who's over the moon that her crush notices her..
when I reached my faculty, it hit me I have an exam which I'm not fully prepared for *insert sad long sigh*
the rest of the day was, well.. history.

that was the highlight of my week.
toodles people! I need to prepare some materials for the discussion.
I'll write again later! assalamualakum :-)


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