once upon a pair of smelly feet

so I determined to settle this problem once and for all.
what problem? I have a pair of smelly feet smelly shoes.

I have this one pair of shoes which I wear everyday to class.
when it's come down to class, I always choose comfort over fashion.
and a few of you would know that I sweat a lot! A LOT! but I don't suffer from BO.
if I did, Fatin would pointed it out first to me. that is what a best friend's for.
pointing out your flaws so you could fix yourself to be a better person.
so appreciate those who give advices to you because they are helping you not bringing you down.
tak yah nak butt hurt sangat lah weh sampai update status FB or meroyan dalam Twitter ya.

okay back to the business.
it was a couple of weeks before the midterm break, I started to realize ada bau stong!
Stong = stocking yang stoink. lol! I made that up but Sarawakian used stong instead of hapak.
I was waiting for my turn to perform Asar at my faculty's surau that I started to smell the odour.
I thought it was probably someone else because there was a lot of people at that time *kes tak nak mengaku diri-sendiri! sungguhlah tak husnuzon!*
then the next day I was in a different surau which well only 3 people was there at that time.
takkanlah bau tu kuat sangat sampai budak berdua yang tengah duduk hujung surau yang punyalah jauh from me tu kot..
then it hit me, it was me! it was me and my pair of feet all along! malu siot!

once I reached my room on the same day, bukak jer kasut terus cium kaki-kakiku.
tapi takdelah macam bau.. so I checked my shoes instead.
ya Allah! boleh pengsan weh!
terus have a case of keyakinan diri yang jatuh merudum dum dum and prefer tu not EVER bukak my kasut sampailah kasut itu dicuci.

so I did washed my shoes last week before I started my class.
and even wear le pair of stockings! tapi...
I was laying down after I got back from Business Mathematics exam then...

Fatin: have you washed your feet?
Me: not yet.. why? baukah? OMG baukah?!
Fatin: hurm.. adalah juak.
Me: Sorry! Salah hamba minta diampun!! *rushed to the toilet*

I was exaggerating but it happened.
and the next night was with Manis.
I was home after having another paper.
I already sat down comfortably for 10 minutes.

Me: I think my feet are smelly. did they or it's just my feelings?
Manis: I smell them too..
Me: Why Manis why? why you didn't tell me earlier and kept it to yourself?! You are one bad friend! *rushed to the toilet to wash my feet for the second time*
Manis: ee.. I just realised the smell bah.. over!

I even sprayed them with Febreeze.
the smell just won't go away! I think I need a new pair of shoes.
I was just kidding! so I googled ways to get rid of it.
one of it is to spread a spoon of coffee powder all over your shoes then cleaned it.

that was a not spoon of coffee powder.
it was 2 spoon of soup spoon.
alah sudu sup yang gemok tu!
and I'm not cleaning them yet till evening.
biar wangi! I let you know if it really works okay?
assalamualaikum :-)


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