Key Ell trip

look who's back all in one piece? hiks alhamdulillah.
but I came back with shums sore throat so I sounded a bit rough heh..
so did I or did I not crossed some things in my list-to-shop list? yesh!

ombre jumper

couldn't find a peplum though :-(

splurged on thish with my own money

I bought platform sneakers in white. I chose to upload the black version because people can't see that 3cm platform so everyone thought I was buying a pair of school shoes :-/ even my mom said I should try running in that. I was like "Are you kidding me? Thish is very the heavy." 

bought a pair of jelly bunny in cream because it looks like a ballerina flats :-p

a belt. fyi, I prefer this kind of belt because I could adjusted it perfectly fit my waist. a normal belt is just too big for me.

even bought this useless wooden blocks mehmeh

what are other things I bought?
a plaid sleeveless dress or was it a long vest.
a RM20 basic mini dress in turquoise which then I wore it as an inside layer.
I bought it because le sister wants that RM20 voucher from Kitschen so yeah.
a spiked turquoise bracelets. I LOVE TURQUOISE okay if you wonder why I bought so many stuff in that colour.
2 jubah from First Lady. guess what size I wear? XL people. XL! because I'm just to tall to tolerate with M.
and 2 bawal scarf from Jalan TAR which none is paisley printed. oh well. so that's that.
it's time to hit le books because I have 3 more papers waiting in line next week.
tara people! have a great Monday. sila berzikir banyak-banyak because it's Monday.
the day your deeds will be presented to Allah. assalamualaikum :-)


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