I've been busy this week I couldn't make myself to blog a bit..
so what have I been up to this week?

on last Wednesday, I went out with le girlfriends because Fizzy is in town!
yeah she flew from Key Ell because she misses Kuching so much.
right after I finished my Accounting class I went to meet them at The Spring.
I can only tolerate that far because of my busy schedule. I have presentation on the the very next day.
we ate, took a lot of pictures, accompanying Fain's to look for a new pair of sandals, I entered La Senza for the very first time of my life, and even cleaned Adam's from his own puke.
obviously I didn't cleaned him, that's Fain's job :-p
so here are ze pictures!

Fizzy, me, Fain, and Faez!

Naz masok lalu sik semperna lagik dah gambar


not so decent

don't we look alike a lot?

enlarged my eyes super big at this moment. pheuw!

le ugly side of us

if you think Adam is a wee bit weird, oh that just Fain's teaching :-p

Fain ke-paloi-an

I love this picture, can you see how tall am I? alhamdulillah

tank top: psychedelic store, pants: mango, blouse: hm, shoes: cotton on, bag: donnay, shawl: unbranded.

that was an evening well spent.
dear Fizzy please take care of yourself once you're back at Shah Alam.
we'll see you again insha'Allah. till then assalamualaikum :-)


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