last night, bapak brought me to Normah and I agreed because I still I have 3 papers left yet I can't focus on my study.
I met the same doctor that treated me 2 months ago.
I asked her if there's anything wrong with me because I easily get fever.
she suggested that I do a blood test just to make sure I'm all good.

so this morning I went there again.
I met a different doctor.
he suggested I check for dengue too in case..
I was quite shocked but I did it this morning.
I closed my eyes rapat-rapat because I just hate the fact that there's a long sharp needle is pricking me.
that was a lot of blood! my thick red blood filled the entire 3 small test tubes ojdscnijdsbnchjibcjcvnjfdb
the nurse said she'll call me once the result is out..
mama told me to eat some bread and drink some water because I need to drive her to her office afterwards.
oh yes people, I drive back home in that condition.
alhamdulillah I don't get dizzy and all after that.

bapak picked up the result for me.
alhamdulillah! I'm all good. I guess I have a really really weak immune system.
a reminder to everyone, don't take your health for granted. assalamualaikum :-)


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