confession time

I know it's a bit late.
I mean it's already half of the semester.
but feelings are being feelings, ignoring who, when, where and why.
I have a huge crush on this guy who I only bumped into once erm.. 3 weeks ago.. lol!

I bumped into him once lah in UNIMAS.
but I know him way back when I was in KML..
I was on the same flight with him to Kota Kinabalu.
this is going to be one huge hint, he is my ____mate's older brother.
fill in the blank yourself. I ain't telling.

then I bumped into him a lot of time outside.
but he doesn't know me plus I'm not that close with his _____ either. so yeah.
I was looking forward to bumping into him again this morning but we didn't :-/

I guess it's just one of those time where I have sudden interest on some guys.
it will pass. I guess. he is an example of a decent guy and I do have things for good boys.
I mean they give me this secure vibe. like they are very responsible so I can count on them anytime and anywhere.
the way the bring themselves makes me interpret that they won't left me terkapai-kapai or heartbroken.
you know what I mean.

am I interested on being in a relationship again?
it has been 8-9 months I have been single.
honestly, I'm a bit scared to be in one again.
new people means new ways of being heartbroken.
I'm not up for games and all. I am interested in a real deal.
I've been having a lot nightmares too lately which makes me more afraid than I already do.

somehow, mama is keep giving me hint.
2 nights ago, I was watching Vanilla Coklat with her..
then suddenly she said "you know what, that's how you'll gonna be once you're married."
it was during the scene where Izara Aisyah was forced to prepare breakfast for her husband by the husband's aunt.
then I gave her a weird look and said "ma.. that is so gonna be yearssss more to come. I don't even have a boyfriend currently."
then she ignored me and head for bed..
what's up with that?

okaylah enough with me and my thoughts.
I'm having the new KFC Spicy Korean Crunch for lunch.
then I'm gonna swallow some pills and nap a bit before continuing my revision.
I have 2 papers tomorrow! wish me luck. assalamualaikum :-)


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