I'm sitting here in my room doing nothing like I don't have a class.
I rushed to my class at 2 just now, the tutor gave us one formula and said
"with that, we shall end the class."
we were like "huh?!"
she said she didn't prepared the material for today's class because our lecturer is the one who supposed to handle the class not her..
so I ended up doing grocery shopping and headed home.
I don't think I'll be attending HE class at 5 hikhik
adik-adik di rumah, jangan tiru aksi ini :-p

let me tell you about the bbq happened last Saturday.
I had bbq with my last semester Koqi members at Matang Family Park.
it was fun! I haven't went swimming for ages! I slipped myself a few times.
alhamdulillah it's nothing serious but I have body ache here and there.

we are here!

the couples and the gentlemen

this is Cassie, did you see me at the back there. I was trying to help but I'm so not good at it.


the ladies

Ecah is the one did all the bbq-ing


dugong, buaya dan badak

ada effect gitew

were forced to do gwiyomi

fun time is over

that was my Saturday evening.
once I reached home terus zzzz
thank Allah I didn't get burned badly because I didn't wanna give weird first impression to N lol
who's N? I'll write about him in the next post. later! assalamualaikum :-)


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