4 April 2013

so I'm done with fever but guess what?
yesh I'm having a flu *read this in Once Dewa's voice*
hashummmm! alhamdulillah. excuse me. I think the table just shaken a bit..
please bear with me.

on last Thursday, we went a wee bit earlier to the airport because my uncle is only free during the lunch hour.
went there around 2 pm. had our lunch, argue a bit with lil bro over small things, snapped pictures le self using ma's phone ignoring the fact that I can't shut the sound off, and made fun of mama's bladder.
dedek even said something like this "It's old folks bladder, please be understanding." lol!!
we do that all the time. it's fun because mama herself is a funny lady without she's realising it.
especially when she's trying to convince us about a story, her eyes went all wide then she said "Mena bah!" in a really high-pitched voice.
I guess I inherited the voice from her..
then we went to perform Asar first before boarding.

me and dedek scooted to that empty seat next to the window because for the unexplainable reason that we just love to sit net to the window.
and I'm pretty sure so does everyone else.
then I pass around that Monster Tongue candy around and laughed to myself when I saw dedek, bapak, mama, and Daneil tongues all went either yellow, orange, green, and blue.
I kept the red one for myself.

during the flight, there was this mother who's flying with her baby and his little son. she sat at the row just behind us.
I guess bapak and ma really pity her that when we reached LCCT, bapak offered to bring her baby milk bag and mama held her baby while she went to pick up her luggage.
she's really thankful because she said her hands almost went numb.
bapak snapped her picture and told everyone in Facebook, he just adopted a daughter *face palm*

then we waited for a cousin of mine to pick us up a bit and drove us to the hotel.
I was so exhausted that well, even my eyelids can't even.. urgh.

so that was my first day.. to be continue ya.
it's Thursday! don't forget to recite Surah Al-Kahfi when night comes :-)


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