Tweethandle: AyasminR

I started to own a Twitter account when I was in KML.
Aisyah forced me to have one and I never knew I have A LOT of stuff to ramble about till I own one -.-
you know Twitter now can send you a copy of your Twitter achieve to your email if you request one.
so I did, let me bring you guys down to my memory lane. there are some stuff which I didn't wrote down here.

Subject: Robotman

okay there was this guy in KML.
he stared A LOT sometimes it made me felt insecure.
I'm pretty sure I'm not making fuss up because I didn't bounced into him once or twice.
tak cukup tangan I nak kira berapa kali dah okay. I lost count.
numerous times during on my way to class or on my way back I caught him took a peek at me then slyly smile.
then I would run back to my room then go all sik suka tapi sukk dekat Aisyah :-p
he's quite cute bahhhhh

then there was during Malam Ekspressi Dinamika.
I was one of the AJK Hadiah so I was needed to went up the stage and assist prize giving ceremony,
and he's like standing right at the Dewan Mutiara entrance looking straight at me the stage.
okay, macam perasan di situ. next!

we were having lunch at the cafe and we pretty much confirmed saya tidak memperasankan diri saya.
and by we, I'm referring to moi and le girlfriends.
he who was eating a few tables away from us was making it pretty clear he's staring at me.
Emma was already like "you want me to go over there and ask kah what's his problem?"
*face palm* Emma and her confident!

there was one day during the week, I will bump into him on my way to class.
WILL okay saya sangat konfiden kerana well it happened pretty much every week without a miss.
I was walking behind him, he was talking to his friend.
then his friend turned his face around and took a sight of me before he turned his face to him again.
then they were like talking, smiling and giggling.
I was like "YaRabbi mun suka padah suka jang oi.", okay I only said that in my head lah..

then one time during a movie premiere.
we were sitting in  the middle row the one of my girl whispered to me "Robotman at your 5."
and if I'm not mistaken he's not supposed to be in the same hall. he was supposed to be next door.
when I went out early because the movie was such a dragged. he went out a couple step after me.
then he went after me to confess his feelings for me.

tettttt! bulak ajak.
ini bukan novel okay. such thing didn't happened.
I went straight back to my dorm and he went to the right kununnya ke atm machine. I saw you!

oh yea, speaking of guys love and etc..
I logged on to my Facebook account this morning then I saw the birthday notification of someone from my past.
then I asked Manis, "Should or should I not wish him on his birthday?"
"Wishlah.. I thought you already over him?"
hmm.. then I did..
conclusionnya, Fatin wished me tahniah kerana sudah memastikan kejayaan meng-getting-over-kan one ex-boyfriend.
Fatin said, "Okay nak sorang gik."
and I gave her a blank stare dan diikuti dengan aksi menghempasi diri ke lantai.
sekianlah cerita saya, assalamualaikum!

note to self: jangan lupa akan birthday si dia yang jauh di Vietnam


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