things that makes me happy

I'm thinking of writing about things that had made my day this week.
if I'm not kononnya busy next week and the weeks after I'll keep this posts up because it reminds me of how bless I am.

UNIMAS view during dawn. it makes me stop a while though I was quite tired having classes ended at 7 pm.

had a chance to meet a long time friend which the last time I met her was 2 years ago if I'm not mistaken.

I was waiting for the class to start when I stumbled upon this. emangnya dibilang gila seh ketawa seorang.

bapak dah boleh assist me watching over baby Ziqri. ehem! yalah gago soh mek pursue Master segala mun dak by another 4 years you'll have a grandchild. pandey oi meramal masa depan dikpun :-p

so today I woke up next to this baby whale :-3 enough said.
what have you been up to this week? :-)


  1. This week berjalan seperti biasa. Kerja, kerja dan kerja. hihi :)


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