shopaholic on the loose!

yesterday I was doing my Business Mathematics assignment when mama text me and asked to accompany her to do some groceries shopping.
I told her I'll pick her up after I perform my solat Asar.
then I told her about The Spring is having a mega sale then she said "Hmmm.. Mama doesn't want to go lah.. Send mama back home and nah your pocket money."
I was not pantun-ing with mama tapi rezeki jangan ditolak.

I was torn of to buy or not to buy that pair of heels.
simply because it looks good on my feet. look at le picture above!
it makes my legs look way longer. see my left feet have to jengket. tinggi bah tu.
but then I convinced myself that a 5'4 feet lady like moi don't need a pair of heels cause myself is already tall tsk
so I ended up buying that brown purse because I really do need a new one.
oh! the other stuffs are not mine :-3
they're my sister. a shopaholic was on loose!
she went crazy when the Roxy salesgirl said EVERYTHING is on 50% sales.
even Atul bought a new bag hewhewhew
she tagged along with us and we ended the day with dinner at Kuching Station.

hampir terlupa, birthday shout out to Melissa binti Roslan!
happy 17th birthday wahai adikku tersayang aka bank bergerak.
please belajar benar-benar then go study somewhere away that your hands can't reach me and my fats.
lay off me and fats! stop pukul them like they are some punching bag! because of you I become insecure!!

birthday girl hiks
assalamualaikum :-)


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