on morale

assalamualaikum :-)
THIS people THIS!

do you realize how low our society morale is that Majlis Agama has to take an action on this matter.
even so you're not a religious person, still if you're in you boyfriend's/girlfriend's wife/husband shoes how would you feel?
moha juak nak nyawa kau? yah jangan molah orang kedak ya juak. eh sik ku paham!
and if you asked me, this type of behavior is well start with "alah, baru couple tak kahwin lagi. boleh jer masuk line."
then this applied to female species oh well for the oh so obvious reason.
what reason? that male species are depleted and nice one are usually married or taken.
"alah kuota dia 4 kot.."
less morally woman would probably go to this extent "apa susah? cerai jer lah!"
I mean if the quota is already full. it goes on and on and guess what?
the one who said the latter statement you do realize you are potentially getting a divorce too right?
I mean if your man sanggup did it to one of his wife what makes you any different.
this is just my two cents though.
oh well, assalamualaikum.

p/s nak buat solat hajat lah sebab tak nak jadi neither andartu nor madu orang. not a divorcee either!


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