damsel in distress

yesterday as I usual when clock strikes 3.30 in the evening I'm already on my way back to Kuching because I have unwritten contract with mama to pick her up from her office at 4.30 pm.
I usually reach in front of The Spring around 4 pm  more or less.
I decided to stop by at The Spring because well it's boring to wait around in the car for half an hour.
and guess what Padini was having a sale and I happen to have that RM10 rebate which I haven't use yet..

I bought a pair jeans for only RM19! hikhik
after I'm done hopping happily to the car because it's almost 4.30 pm, guess what happened?
the car die on me and refuse to start though I'm already sweating like ot ot in the car..
I call mama and asked her to go back home with bapak instead and shall not worry about me.
I told bapak about olahan kereta and I will let him know again if the car works after some time.
I headed to surau instead to perform my Asar prayer. keep calm and perform your solat.
after 30 minutes the car still didn't want to start itself.
I called bapak again to let him know and he said he'll pick me up a bit later.
I was fighting my urge to shop for more because it SALES everywhere tsk tsk
since a drink hurt my purse less than a pair of shoes well I grabbed that instead
and I happen to bring one of my novel in the bag so all is well
so that's my Friday. how's yours? assalamualaikum :-)


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