I used a bawal tudung to the class today.
then I bumped into Tia while I was roaming around at FSKPM Open Day booths then her reaction was that Fair & Lovely advertisement which featured Anne Ngasri, Tiap Hari Sayang gesture. lol!
I was taken aback sekejap then it hit me she likes seeing me in tudung bawal. she said I look different in it.
the main reason I ALWAYS wear shawls than tudung bawal is that *cough*malas*cough*nak*cough*iron*cough*tudung*cough*
so what do you think? you like me in shawls or tudung bawal better?

shawl with spects on

shawl with no spects on

bawal with spects on

bawal with no spects on

that's pretty much my look minus the sik semperna rupa di rumah :-3
oh please acknowledge my strong dislike wearing spects on with shawl because they always makes my pair of eyes sepet-er than it already has.. 
they make me look like I have mata segaris like this emoticon -.-
and before I forgot...

birthday shout out to Puan Radhi aka Dayang Siti Nur Hafieza Razali!
bulak ajak namanya sekda dayang dengan siti suka jak nak ngesak ati..
I ain't sure either if I spell Hafieza right. Ja?! Betol sik?
if you wonder she's the one in the middle nak macam muka Pucca ya eh hewhewhew
I LOVE YOU to the bits and pieces walaupun most of the times I feel like napuk tissue in your mouth for your non-stop nonsense.
I'm sorry for my last night late wish sebab aku lupak.
I'm sure she's getting used to it.
please come back from Vietnam faster sebab AKU RINDU DOE KAU..
and bear in mind that animal in pink with this type of nose o.o is haram.
 jangan ko molahnya jadi pet di sinun.
take care bebeh!
assalamualaikum :-)


  1. shawl kck gik. bawal mcm too relax rupa. haha. its hafiza -.-


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