ee sik tauk eh

I'm sorry being such a lazybum.
I have an entry in my draft folder which I'm so lazy to update and publish.
I'll get back to that later and I seriously want to write about my first few days of this semester.
I know it's haven't been a week yet, but still.

a few of days before I went back to my rented house, I was caught having a fever.
being the usual degil me I was like "don't worry I'll get better just in time before I go back to Unimas."
unfortunately, I didn't. so on the night before, my dad brought me to Normah for meet and greet.
I mean for check up. he even stocked up Air Penyejuk Badan Cap Kaki Tiga for moi incase my fever sik kebah-kebah.

on Monday, I was supposed to go to my faculty and manage my registration thingy because BPPS sangat anton and haven't approved my application to change my year and ease my online registration process.
I was about to put on my tudung when suddenly I felt my tummy macam kenak cucok-cucok dari dalam.
it hurts so bad that I couldn't even stand up. so I cancelled my plan and stayed at my room.
I know she'll read that.

I went to manage my unfinished businesses yesterday.
abang Nasir said I have to personally meet the lecturers and asked for their approval.
I was like "okay, thank you" and smiling away tapi dalam hati "I don't even know where their rooms are?! how ler liddis!"
pak-pak lah berjalan dari level 3 ke level 2 and I found some of their rooms.
then I was standing in front of their room thinking should I just barged in or call them up first.
I don't want to be rude so I decided to email them first, neylah tauk cdak busy kah apa nak..
then turunlah ke dibah siktauk nak polah apa pasya spotted the-so-called-crush.
bahaya na sama fakulti kedak tok ada aku sik fokus lak nasib sik sama kelas.
lepas susah-payah control expression tapi sebenarnya sukk I went to CAIS sebab sik tauk siney lab FEB *mode noob*

printed out some of the notes.
walked out of CAIS then forgot my umbrella at the printing area.
rushed back to get my umbrella.
joined Fatin and Laila at PohonMas.
terkial-kial carik suro HEP.
pasya terkial-kial carik billit Dr.Lo dekat Chancellery.

Dr.Lo is okay I guess.
she asked why I changed my faculty? how long have I been in FIT? why my name is Amy tapi wear a tudung?
so yeah. I know right? the latter was the most difficult question to answer.
then we went back to FEB because I have an appointment with Madam Sharon.
while we're on our way to her room, we bumped into this one pretty international girl.
me and Laila buat bodo tapi Fatin senyum. sila tukuk palak Fatin because apparently at this girl's country only idiots smile at strangers. something like that lah.. kan rempuan ya dah ingat Fatin idiot.
people nowadays pelik-pelik.

since Laila nang rindok juak berjalan sik juak nak balit rumah.
we went to buy some stuff at Unaco then we went to UITM to pick up Awang.
who's Awang? he's Laila's boyfriend. he's warming up to us. so yeah he's cool.
he needed to get his voucher so he asked "kitak orang maok cuci mata sik? ekot kamek keluar sik?"
Fatin sik tauk malu bah so matanya dah bersinar-sinar bila ditanyak gya but I refused to keluar knowing rami juak kawan di cya eh.
antisocial bah aku lamak tok! boh anok aku.. sekda aku sikmok jumpa tak orang ( self-defense sebelum kenak bash )

there was one time, we were talking about this girl.
she used to be a KML student too and she's soooo pretty bah.
then Fatin said something like "she's so pretty, boys are crazy not wanting to date her."
then Awang answered "I don't." dengan muka selamba.
sumpah bergolong! sorry La.. aku bergolong juak nengar Awang padah gya..
I swore Laila just turned red.. rindok ati..
then things went back to normal when Fatin started to talk about how Laila used to sleep during class in KML.
then Awang jadi pereport and told Laila, we were badmouthing her.
Klah Awang. K. I just K-ed you..
klah sampey sia jak cerita. banyak gik sebenarnya tapi malas. I have an assignment to GO THROUGH with.
assalamualaikum :-)


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