welcoming 2013 with semester break

guess who survived for another semester? moi!

I just had to posted these.
they're too funneh to be ignored. lol!
so to prevent becoming like fishes over here

I decided to listed out things I SHOULD do during the break butitalsodependsonmycapabilitiesoffightingmylazinessonthatday
so honey drinks are in my list since a few days ago and it excites me that I lost 2 kgs butitcamebackthenextday *sigh*
I need to get rid of these ugly nails paint which are real pain in the eyes
I also need to raid my closets and start selling things I don't use these days
anyone who's interested can drop by at my Friendly Fashion's account.

next on the list is taking a good care of my pet. I have a pet.. I didn't tell you?
she loves to eat like moi. she get fat so quickly and luckily the shop sell the fat potion some sort like slimming pills. it work like wonders. too bad they don't exist for human like us kan?
she gets dirty easily. an easy audience and sleep a lot.. she sounds a lot like me kan?
so meet le pou..

sorrylah nak.. tok jak ku mampu jaga. hahah!
expect updates from this blog, cerita and tumblr, Simcity Social requests and nagging in twitter lol!
and before I forgot! I own a Instagram account. do follow me ya'll!
personally, it promotes vainness in me. yikes!
I also need to how I say it in proper BM would be meningkatkan ibadah kepada Allah.
I lacked a lot in this. the sunnah, the fast, the aurat, the solat.. nothing worth comes easy right?

oh dearest friends, please take me out..
let's go to a 3 days 2 nights vacation or something.
let's go scuba diving, snorkelling and rock climbing to Tioman or Perhentian.
let's be a kid again at Genting Highlands but I prefer Extreme Park at Sunway Lagoon.
jomlah.. Ernie? Aisyah? Fatin? Anyone?
so that's pretty much my plan for this break. assalamualaikum


  1. haha. mun ku da duit mie eh, nang JU! pegi esok ko pahamm? haha. x plu plan bebulan nak ngumpol duit. tsk tsk


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