this is not a father's day post nor birthday post

I woke up a bit late today because last night IwasbusyenteringFriendlyFashioncontest.
so cleaned the house a bit then tuned on tv then decided to stop watching it after sinetron's after sinetron's keep on playing and went to take my shower.

when I got out it seems like my grandma went out to fetch my aunt from the office because they have business at a bank.
I was getting myself ready when I heard my dad came home for lunch.
I was like jaek hati how Sarawakian would say it. pilu would be another word of the same meaning.
my dad served himself his rice and was only planning to eat with sauce.
after I saw that with my wet hair still I rushed to the kitchen and served him real food.
he didn't know my grandma cooked earlier.

one thing about my dad is that, he doesn't fancy how I would say it menyusahkan other people.
he could just asked me but I guess he doesn't want to bother me.
dad, serving you food is not a difficult task. cooking maybe but not serving.
and you probably one of the most easiest man on earth to be taken care of.

my usu used to live with my parents for quite sometimes a few back then.
you know how he described them? one word, weird.
my mom is not the best cook in the world but my dad never make a fuss about it.
sometimes, my dad would suggest eating canned food because he doesn't want my mom to cook some more once they're home from the office.
my mom also has this habit of starting work but never get it done so my dad always be the one who finish it for her.
house chores, my dad probably is the one who done most of it.
he might make cynical retorts about them but never really complaint.

dad, next time please ask me to do these easy peasy things.
I know sometimes you asked me to do things then you take them back because you saw my duck face.
but I always end up doing them anyway walaupun it means you're already there fetching sister from The Spring but I asked you to go home directly and dragged lil sis in in Kenari instead of your Gen-2.
that happened if you guys wondered.
I might make all those unnecessary expression but I'll do it for you because I would feel bad if I don't.

that's my main reason for never saying no to you. I feel bad bah bapak, don't make me feel that way.

so please ask me to do things, I will complaint here and there but I'll do it because I know you're tired too..
please don't let me be one of those spoilt brat daughter who doesn't understand their parents hardship and only know to ask for money.
let me be a good daughter who knows how to pay back her parents deeds.
bapak, apa jak jaga kitak ya. sekda susah okay. ( dad, taking care of you is nothing. it's not difficult okay. )
please acknowledged this *cough*I*cough*love*cough*you*cough*
sincerely, your daughter.

p/s terharu sik? puji camtok boleh sik? ( did I moved you? can I get some of this? )


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