I was clicking here and there posts in Facebook when I stumbled upon an old friend Facebook.
he's a guy. I knew him way back in 2004 during tuition class.
I think we were 'friends' in Facebook but I don't know why now we don't.
maybe he deleted the old account and made a new one.
I'm not sure if he recognized me in real life any more.
even the last time he ever say hi to me was during 2011 and he need confirmation if I'm who he think I am and that was it.

the first word that popped into my mind is malu.
malu because looking at him now, he changed a lot. in a good way. alhamdulillah.
I was quite close to him back then and he was a normal boy who's going through raging hormones. lol!
oh yea, why malu? malu because he made me realised that I'm lacking a lot as servant of Allah. he somehow gave me that feeling.
he's like a benchmark of a real Muslimin who a real Muslimah would dream to be partner with.
but I'm on the level of not even daring to dream to be his partner.

konklusinya, saya malu dengan diri saya.
that would be my drive to be a better person.
kerana malunya kepada Allah, malunya kepada ahli keluarga, malunya kepada rakan-rakan. malu.
and if I'm destined not to have a partner here, I shall take Rabiatul Adawiyah as my example.
maybe I will never reach her level, but insha'Allah I'll be meeting Allah in the best condition I'm capable at.
this is just my two cents. think about it. assalamualaikum :-)


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