last sunday

last Saturday was Laila's 21st birthday.
too bad on that very day I was too busy terkejar sana and sini.
but I made time to have a lunch with her on the very next day.
knowing how anton Laila is, I managed to fetch Fatin first then rushed into Padini and bought her a blouse.
then when she arrived let just say she was pleased.
therefore she has no reason to say "I need new clothes. I think people already hafal all my baju."

my sister told me how kontot these two look like here. lol!!

while they stay for a movie, I excused myself early because I need to send le sister for her tuition.
disebabkan kemalasan yang amat, I went to Ernie's place to kill time because she'll be done in 2 hours time.
then Ernie was being Ernie "kau nak embak aku raonkah? jomlah."
even though I didn't said a thing yet. pantun main.
we went to Fain's place first before actually decided to hang out.
so I fetched le sister, sent her home then we went to CityOne.

Metrojaya is the only things opened there.
no offense but I preferred Parkson more though and guess what?!
I found this one store which sell aztec sweater and studded accessories.
I almost fainted in the store. Okay, bulak. but I was already had my hands one 2-3 baju.
tapi memandangkan wang tidak mencukupi I kissed the store a goodbye and promised to come back again.

Fain ngerepak dengan Adam and of course lah kami hanya melihat :-p

pusing pusing pusing pusing pusing suddenly we found ourselves in Plaza Merdeka's basement.
then the horrifying part is that the car's windows refuse to go up!
it was making these sounds macam kenak tembak ududududududu the whole time!
I was panicked and sorta kinda hit and scratched someone's car!! I'm guilty as charged!
rupanya, Adam played with coins earlier and one of the coin stucked between the switch thingy.
to calm myself down, I bought a blouse at Cotton On. eh? hahah!

once I reached home, I took my bath, had my dinner, played Simcity and rant a bit in Twitter then off to dreamland.
it's really tiring to be a drama queen okay.
plus, I entered the wrong part on the parking ticket and stucked a while depan palang wondering why it doesn't went up.
then, I had to go out from the car and berlari-lari anak to check back the ticket.
the machine threw my ticket out back. why?! why?!
jatuh saham okay. dah lah ada kereta dekat belakang T.T
nevertheless, I hope you have a weekends than moi.. Assalamualaikum :-)


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