my days

I've been busy being the man of the house and finally got the time to update le blog.
on last Friday, le dad hopped on the first flight to Kuantan.
he has works to do there for TWO WEEKS! two weeks man..
therefore, no slacking from responsibilities for moi..

le mama

le mama turned 50 on 12 of January 2012.
dad sent a text to me EARLY in the morning to remind me.
dad really doesn't have to do that because mama told me the night before she wanted to have have dinner outside for her birthday.
since she's so aware of it, it's difficult for us to give her any surprise.
but I did offered to cook ayam masak merah for lunch.
mama said it doesn't taste as great as it smell.
I'm satisfied though since it's my first time cooking.

my ayam masak merah

back up plan which I didn't have to use :-p

the exact blouse!

on the night, we went to The Spring.
managed to buy the perfect gift for mama.
found a white blouse at Nichii which then I saw Liuney wore during her interview but her is in blue.
we ended the night with ice cream! everyone went home with full tummy and happy faces!
even dad wished he was here. oo tedah bapak.

ice cream!

and today I've got to be supersister. lol!
woke up early to send the siblings to school then I have to send mama to her office.
once reached grandma's house, I zupped out to sidai all the baju.
then zupped in to clean the kitchen. zupped out again to pick up dry clothes in case it's going to rain soon.
zupped in to cook the rice. zupped out again tobuycannedfoodsbecauseImtootiredtocookanything.
zupped in to perform my zohor prayer. zupped out to fetch le sister from school.
zupped in to feed le sister. zupped out to fetch le brother from school.
THEN, I finally had my lunch and terdampar di atas sofa macam Patrick Star.
I woke up when it's time for asar prayer then pick up mama from her office.

my tired face

so that's pretty much my days..
how's your? heheh! till then, assalamualaikum.

p/s my sister gave this to me as belated birthday gift. ney maok kalah dengan Ziq, Ajad dengan Fatin :-p


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