when shopaholic inside me is awaken

assalamualaikum :-)
I just sent off le familia to Key Ell this morning.
and I KNOW my dad set aside some $$$ for moi to go along tapi I don't which means I can spend the $$$ here in Kuching.
one word, shopping!!

the bad news is that I also need the clothes for me to attend classes *sigh*
so it's essential for me to buy new tee, khakis and jeans.
however, I still have that birthday discounts card from Padini :-)
I don't want to walk in a store and doesn't have any idea of what I want.
so this is the plan. I'm getting my inspiration from none other Alexa Chung.
I love how she always looks so chic in a very simple way.

her pullover

maybe in a slighly different colour

I already have one in blue and one in white so why not have this instead

if I can't find one.. there might be something similar at Brands Outlet which is probably way cheaper.

oh yes! Cotton On is now open in Kuching!
I should also head there and borong all the clothes.
I'm in need of basic tees and if I'm lucky enough. I might be able to buy a bag or two :-p

I'm excited! till then. assalamualaikum :-)


  1. basic tee kat cotton on kmk pun! hahah bh sama kmk! :P 2 for 75 oi!

  2. dah mek nyengok cotton on tek p xda meli papa hahah

  3. aie kenak? bj kuning lam post tok ada bah. mek eli 20 alu. apa byk brg beli alu 50 discount.

  4. xtauk. pandey x berkenan indh dah tangga real life


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