on being a single fat couch potato

I'm updating the blog from the comfiest place in the house which is le sofa with le cereal in my other hand.
who cares if it's evening, I still want my yummeh cereal. heheh!

okay. let's get to the real deal.
that day, I went out with Ernie.
yes peeps! she's back from Aussie for semester break.
sms kept on coming to my phone while we were hanging out.

Ernie: who's that?
Me: who's what?
Ernie: ones who keep on sending you texts.
Me: my mom..

5 minutes later..
Ernie: now who?
Me: my sister..
Ernie: owh..

5 minutes later..
Ernie: 3 texts at once. now who's that?
Me: Digi lah.. I kan user tersayang..
Ernie: don't you like contact anyone currently?
Me: Nope.
Ernie: Seriously?
Me: Yupe.
Ernie: None?
Me: Nada..
Ernie: okay. wow..

do you guys remember Batman?
I think there's none of posts regarding him in my blog because I deleted them.
he was my first love I guess. was it love? I'm not so sure but you guys get the point.
we used to see each other from I was way back in form 4 till I entered matriculation.
it was an on and off relationship. to be exact it was an open relationship. we never dtr..
you guys do know what dtr is right? come one guys. do you even watch Awkward on MTV?
dtr means determine the relationship. bear that in mind.

he's that one guy who I know is wrong for me but I just can't keep my distance from him.
that was when Superman did came into the picture as my trial to distance myself away from him..
which of course didn't work out. sorry Superman..

I was quite a mess when we broke up.
I would spent my free time in cyber cafe and stalked her new girlfriend's Facebook.
how do I found out about her new girlfriend?
I'm "friends" with his sister in Facebook then I sort of smell something fishy about this girl who kept on posting to her wall and I saw this girl's default picture with him and bamm!! you get the picture.

I would sometimes.. okay! often cried in my sleep.
i just hate that feeling of loneliness I'm not used to.
thank Allah for the busy-ness He granted during that time.
it  kept my mind preoccupied with works and less about him..

then there's Superman.
we sort of getting back together for the second time.
frankly speaking, I was only going with the flow and he seems like a guy that I wouldn't regret dating. at that time.
while we were in a getting-to-know-each-other process, his ex wants him back.
in case YOU didn't now, I persuaded him to get back to YOU because I know feelings can't be erased in a blink of eyes.
but he decided not to.

after months of relationship, he came clean that he still sort of kind of in love with his ex.
I accept him at that because I was also not 100% over Batman. it's a fair game.
we fought a lot and the fact he came clean about it really destroyed my confident. I never quite realised it until now..
he always somehow contacted his ex and I as a girlfriend was really disturbed by the fact I'm not the only girl in his mind and obviously his heart.
I hate his guts. I hate the fact he's so confident he'll get over his ex by staying beside me.

and guess what?!
after we broke up I saw them together.
I wouldn't say I don't see that coming.

okay my point is.
before you're trying to start a new relationship, make sure you're ready for it.
make sure that you're over your ex and you are prepare for another round of shits with your new beau.
you past should not be in the way..

as for me, I'm not completely over him.
the idea of getting back together do sound nice.
but I would do what Lisa Surihani did in Istanbul Akan Datang.
giving a new guy his chance rather than giving the old guy another chance.
omA! Beto was so adorable in the movie! especially the part where he help to clean Lisa's hair.
I almost cried watching that part! how can you be so sweet! definitely a spirit booster!
why didn't I met a guy like that when I was.. okay. okay. back to the story.

so as for now I'm single and kind of getting used to it.
it's not that bad it's just that it would be nice having someone who cares about you around.
okay girlfriends, I know you guys would be "what?! don't we care about you?!" and all. you guys know what I mean.
I'm somehow a bit slow bab-bab relationships. even though it's been one whole semester I've been single takde lagi yang make a move on me. typical.
I might have to wait till I enter my third year of studies macam Maria Elena hewhewhew
or that day where I have to say to my mom "ma, if you want grandchilds popped out of me. you need to find me a husband. with condition I need to approve him first."
so we shall wait and see. will I date this guy

and he'll sing this

for me.. okay the chances if this will happen is 0.01% still suka hati I lah nak berangan or

cintaku menunggu di FEB.. FEB aku datang! I just puked in my own mouth.
till then! assalamualaikum :-)

p/s can you believe! my mom actually made fun of me during my birthday. she asked "present from boyfriend  ada sik?" tsk tsk tsk *lari dari rumah*


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