hi guys! I'm back :-D
I've been busy these past few weeks and FINALLY have the time to move all my stories to a new blog.
all of you can browse through the links on the right sidebar to look for the the blog. I'm sure you will realised the title. I didn't change it. yet.

Ya Allah.. My so called old posts were so depressing even I'm depressed looking at it.
newsflash, I'm MOVING ON. at least that's how I feel like it. "Daripada menunggu sesuatu yang tak pasti, alang-alang ada orang suka, teruskan sajalah." THAT was quoted from Joyah Spot on Yuna in Pancaindera. lol!
frankly speaking, I don't know how I feel about him tapi the thing I'm grateful of doing is that, keeping my distance from him..
I don't ruin people's relationship be it declared or not.. I just don't. I know where I stand. I know when to back off.
from all of the people in the world, I'm one of those girl who ALWAYS got DUMPED and CHEATED for another girl. I know how awful the feelings is. as much as I CAN do the same thing to others, I choose not to because it's a terrible feeling to go through with.
If YOU read THIS, this is the reason I don't even wish you on your birthday. it's not because I forgot about it, it's because I don't want to let your girl to get all jelly and anxious because ME aka your-ex-who-still-not-over-you-completely just wish you a happy birthday.
so dear YOU,  I wished you a happy life. as much as I missed us, getting back to you would be the last in my to-do-list. I AM BADLY WOUNDED fyi..
so face this, I'm gonna be cold whenever you text me. I'm not gonna say hi to you in any social networks. I would run away if I bump into you anywhere. do expect these from me, excluding life and death matter which MIGHT need me to contact you.

moving on.. let me talk about my classes for this semester.
I've been enjoying all of them. I enjoy my BM class because I met this certain someone tapi nampaknya dia yang seiras Bams Samsons sudah berpunya *sigh*
I enjoy meeting up with my group members dan begitu juga Fatin kerana adanya my group member yang seiras Nik Michael Imran kan Fatin kannnnn?
I also enjoy my EiM class where I can use all the jargon in the worlds while writing an article.
okay, tipu. taklah all the jargon tapi we're allowed to use all those big words and even produce an advertisement. look at ours! nice tak? it was a last minute work. I took the picture in a half asleep condition muahahaha!

my Asas Wartawan TV class is the class I've been enjoying the most :-)
I made new friends. we bonded over our class trip to Betong. I had fun with them.
LOTS of fun. I can't squeeze all of my momentos in here. I need to write one post just for them. look out for it okay?
till then. assalamualaikum :-)


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