bidding 2012 a farewell

Allah's power is beyond imaginary.
why do I said so? I sorta develop itsy bitsy feelings towards this one guy in my BM class.
on our last class which is 2 weeks ago, I parked my car near the lot where I know he usually park.
somehow he was late on that day and I guess there was no space available by the time he arrived.
halt! he was not wearing his jersey on that day so Fatin sekpat nak nganok nya.. hewhewhew!

okay back to the story.
so I missed my chance to watch him walking from behind on that day *sigh*
when I was fetching my IC from the guards at the main gate, they sorta misplaced it.
so I had to park somewhere near and waited for them to search it first then bammmm!
HE came to fetch his IC too! automatically I turned my head to look for Fatin's face.
Fatin was having this omA-amy-he's-like-just-behind-you-like-behind-you on her face.
I was having this silly smile plastered on my face and couldn't maintain my poker face.

guard: taking you IC? *talking to him"
him: yes..
guard: can you wait a sec?
him: sure..
guard: this is it right? *name inserted*
me: yes that's his name *answering for him in my head*
him: yupe.
guard: okay here you go.
him: thank you *while smiling away*
me: *trying hard not to melt*

I managed to take a peek of his IC.
he was in black. yes people I'm scarily detail liddat.
I was waving goodbye to him in my head when he drove away.
embak kenja siang ya nak, malam alu injured. I accidentally cut myself with a razor.
I don't feel it stings but the blood keep on dripping to an extend my mom doesn't want to look at my cut.
she told me to wrap it up with plaster right away.

okaylah nak cerita nakya ajak tek..
I mean I seriously need some happy post to make up to all the depressed old posts.
he might never know he made my Wednesday for this entire semester but still thank YOU for making me smile just for being there.
definitely an irresistible distractions and pusher to move on. hahah!
he never look interested to even smile at me and I will never ever ever make a move on him..
jadi marilah menutup cerita cinta bertepuk sebelah tangan semeseter 3 di penghujung tahun 2012 ini..

I forbid 2012 goodbye and please packed up all my sorrows along in your luggage.
I welcome 2013 with open hands with hope he'll bring along news from success and love perhaps?
a great success which will brings me good for my life as a human and as a servant of Allah
and an everlasting love who I won't have to forbid goodbye even when the day of the next prediction of doomsday from the Mayan has arrived,
not to mention who'll save me from owning a gold umbrella. I'm not interested to own one and I hope the wish of giving me one never even cross his mind. heheh!
assalamualaikum :-)


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