Betong's Trip

so this is the entry for my trip to Betong.
after Zohor on that Friday. everyone gather at BHEP.
while waiting for everyone to arrive, moi and Fatin sempat singgah UNIMAS souvenir shop and bought keepsakes for our keluarga angkat.
Fatin sempat charging hengphong gik kat kedey ya paham sik kau mek duak sekalo pey camya pey kakak ya perey nangga mek duak.

picture above describe well our seats in the bus that day.
yang duduk business class di depan were Jani, Pat, Sham, Faris, Diana, Cassie, Juwizan, Vero, Hana, Eca and Nani.
Plain Jane yang duduk tengah were moi, Fatin, Kak Thera, Anis, Kak Fatin, Farah, Hani, Tia, Ila dengan  Erna.
yang duduk economy class di belakang were Shahrul, Naz, Sha, Mus, Wilson, Ejat, Wan dengan Zu.
too bad Angela and Khet Min didn't tag along that day because they have test on the next day..
unforgettable moment bila side mirror lori which is going to the opposite direction accidentally scratched our bus mirror. retak teruk okay!
Ejat was looked really pale after that because he sat next to the mirror. luckily semua selamat none was injured but we arrived a bit late at Betong.

Me and Juwizan share the same keluarga angkat and guess who they are?!
My bapak angkat is Cikgu Amat Dukari's older brother! what a small world kan?
so I found out that Kak Ju is the only daughter in the family and I have 4 older brothers in a blink of eyes.
I don't know them well though, the brothers I mean. but I do colek the hearts of my little cousins in one night *mode berdengah*
there's Alya, anak Abang then there's Ecah and Wawa, anak abang yang lain. the other abang doesn't live there because of work and there's one abang is still single.
done with sesi suai kenal, we had our dinner then off to one of relative house because she's getting married!
too bad I didn't brought my camera along that night. so I only managed to snap the bilik pengantin *sigh*

the next day we woke up early cause Bapak insisted we go check out the market.
guess what? Saya menang motor. Haha! they entrusted me to drive the Kancil tapi nak, bila we went to fill in the tank, it refused to open!
so the worker there had to cungkil it with the car key thennnnn the key patah sikit andddd the car can't be start.
sumpah rasa bersalah time ya tapi Bapak dengan Kak Ju chill jak :-(
Kak Ju told me to just go to the school where we conducted the School Holiday Attack and let them settle it.
sampey-sampey jak terus excited sebab I saw Anis tengah kayuh basikal.
tanpa segan silu terus mendudukkan diriku yang berat di seat penumpang belakang adn told Anis to kayuh the basikal laju-laju. heheh!

we start our program with senam tari with these songs!
I was really enjoying myself dancing to Xi Shua Shua. nang sekda kesah agiklah dengan orang :-p
I was also looking out for Wawa the whole day because she refused to go back with Kak Ju.

during the night there was some sort of closing ceremony.
I was a bit late and very nervous because I don't remember all the steps plus Shahrul moved me and Ejat from the back to the center spot.
I keep on reminding Ejat to cue me when it's my turn but it turned out that Ejat yang salah step :-p
again.. I don't have the video. I should get it from Anis soon.

after that we went to the bride's house to see how they say it, berlulut?
we even did some Zapin because they requested us to do it. sumpah sebarang because the song was a bit different then the one we use..
Anis, Vero, Ejat and Wan were not there during that time so we had to change partner.
I was with Naz instead of Ejat this time while Fatin was with Shahrul instead of Wan..
Shahrul actually called up Mus who's already asleep to come there asap because we short of people. lol!
kesian eh Mus..

last day in Betong started with going to the market.
Mak insisted me and Juwizan to bring back some fruits.
this time I drove Viva because abang said he's afraid things would go wrong again with Kancil.
once we reached home, packed and kemas then off to pengilan! yeay! I love attending weddings :-)
once the wedding is done, it's goodbye time. Mak cried a bit.. little cousins tagged along. I didn't felt that sad till the I was on the bus waving goodbye :'-)
thank you Bapak, Mak, Kak Ju, Abang-Abang and Cousins. jangan jerak having me there. let's catch up when you're in Kuching okay.
so that's my days in Betong. a short but memorable 3 days 2 nights.
wait for my Betong's Trip photo post okay? assalamualaikum :-)


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