AKTV's crew

so this post is dedicated to friends who I made during AKTV class.
the class is held once a week. the weeks before our class trip to Betong, we haven't warm to each other yet. once we're back after the trip, the class is a chaos lah I tell you..
I just wanted to say to everyone, thank you for the momentos even though we've been together for only a few months :-)

a few weeks before the trip, we actually made something like Buletin Utama for UNIMAS.
we called it UNIMAS Media for Buletin UNIMAS. too bad I haven't take the video from Ejat yet. since he's the one who did all the editing so he keeps everything.
Kak Fatin and Faris were in charge as the reporters in studio while everyone else are the reporters on the scene.
I was teamed up with Fatin and Kak Thera. we did Wajah-Wajah UNIMAS.
Kak Thera was shaking while doing the interview with Encik Thomas the one who represented BAYU.
the feeling of watching and doing it are very different. I did the closing part and I only had to read 3 lines but I screwed up a lot.
this is our own logo created by Jani :-)

the Betong trip.
we were supposed to do something like School Attack tapi everyone is already cuti kan.
so, our lecturer suggested we did School Holiday Attack in Betong. why Betong? I also don't know leh..
as an appreciation, we were supposed to do a performance later in Betong. the reason of doing Zapin Johor instead of Sarawak traditional dance sebab tak nak offence any party in case we made mistakes during the performance. we took that matter seriously.
Shahrul lead our dance along with Izwan yang sememangnya penari.
Fatin was partner up with Izwan and she was so stressed out with the fact that she's so keras kalau nak compare dengan Izwan.
I was with Ejat and all the way of practicing I keep on laughing sebab asyik salah step and made Ejat stressed out. lol!

kepak eh wrecking my brain to flashback everything.
I'll write about the trip later okay. heheh! assalamualaikum :-)


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