assalamualaikum :-)
on 14 December 2012 or 1/2/34H according to Kalender Hijrah, I just turned 20 years old!
alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah for letting me live on the surface of this earth for 20 years and counting.

thank you everyone for the wishes!
ones who text and call me on that day..
thank you dearest Fiza for calling me all the from Vietnam. miss you a lot bebeh!
ones who wished me on Facebook and Twitter :-)
thank you everyone!

thank you for being so kind Joe :-)

thank you Ronald! I wish you the best too :-)

I thought this apek forgot about me already. heheh! thank you Horace!

thank you longtime friend :-)

she and her never ending compliments. thank you Sab :-)

thank you teq!

she just called me maam. heheh! thank you Zira :-)

model UNIMAS lah sangat.. sak kenak jelin Tyra Banks. heheh! thank you Farah :-)

typical Aden.. thank you dara :-)

thank you GADIS COMEL. xoxo The Famous A :-p

so what did I get for my birthday? jengjengjeng. heheh!
I got a new handphone from my dad..

a necklace from Ernie which is all the way from Singapore.. ada bau gate USS. hahah!

a slice of Secret Recipe's cake and teddy bear from Fatin and Laila.

thank you people! may Allah bless all of you! till then. assalamualaikum :-)


  1. omaigod..
    sama birthday dgn my mum..
    (okay.. dah baca your comment kat post I tadi.. hehe)
    happy birthday aunty..
    I mean amy.
    keep your coolness and enjoy whatever you're doin'
    (happy belated birthday I presume ;) )

  2. yer dapat main instagram ktk. kalah retis. hahaha.

  3. retis ney main instagram.. bukan standard nya. nak pandang sebelah mata pun x


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