raya part 1

assalamualaikum :-)
my dad told me he'll give duit shopping raya today.
he made my day! hehe! I'm not the type of person who just barge in a shop and take this and that without thinking. without knowing what I wanted to buy in a first place.

so these are my shopping list:

1. tops
some pretty tops!
like the sweater on the most left in the first picture
and the blue flowery tops lauren conrad is wearing.

2. blazer
my sister has a lot of cardigan which I can borrow.
and the only basic cardigan I need is a black one which I have owned it for 2 years.
so why not I'll buy a blazer for a change. look at that gorgeous blazer in the middle picture.
I'm picky about the material though, since I don't want it to be that formal I need it to be soft, the pad is not that thick and the sleeve can be fold.

3. sneakers
I need new sneakers, not for Raya but for class.

4. clutch
I would love a clutch but I'm clumsy.
one time I left my purse at Giant so should I get one?

p/s read my title! I obviously can't wait :-s


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