end of semester break part 1

assalamualaikum :-)
its Monday people. let's not have Monday's blues will you..
our deeds are present to Allah on Monday and Thursday, so why not make the most of it!

first things first,
I need to email my mentor and dean again
so I can change my faculty before the semester starts.

I also should start qada my fasts
since I'm not doing anything around the house.

and to answer this question
"how's you and Habib?" I can only say,
I don't know. I don't know what are we.
I don't know are we better being friends.
I don't know if we will be back together.
he didn't come over this Raya. he did for 3 years in a row.
first year, as a friend. second year as an ex-boyfriend. third raya, as a boyfriend.
but I do feels like, I need to do my part. I need to distance myself from him.. I lost my right.

I need distractions! and a new routine.
I think I'll improvised my before Ramadhan routine.
1. get enough sleep
2. drink a glass of water
3. drink a glass of honey drink
4. subuh
5. exercises
6. breakfast
7. check all of my social network accounts.
8. sending brother off to school.
9. zohor
10. pick up sister from school
11. lunch
12. nap for an hour
13. help to angkat jemuran
14. catch up with movies in my laptop
15. asar
16. pick up mama and aunt from their office
17. need to finish reading Norweign Wood by Haruki Murakami
18. maghrib
19. dinner
20. isyak
21. dilemma should or should not bother Habib ( harhar! I'm guilty as charge okay. I still bother him to this very day )
22. drink another glass of honey drink
22. solat hajat ( I found a new peace performing solat hajat. I'll try make it a habit every night )

so that's it for today I guess.
oh yea! I won PrettyChase giveaway along with Faen.
maybe I'll spend it on Ayesha Dress in red.. hehe! assalamualaikum :-)


  1. panjang checklist....salam aidilfitri...:)

  2. wah ko baca buku yaaaa? haha.

  3. aishah: salam aidilfitri :-)
    erni: not my cup of tea eh.. ya ku lambat maca.


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