broken hearted part 5

you know how people in tumblr always said "I blog about you"
so I went through my tumblr achieve to look for posts which describe my feelings.

I don't know if he will read my blog again because I told him not too. what's the point right?
and please slapped me in the face. I read a tweet from his friend so I asked if he was there too and he said yes.. and yes people it makes me feel shittier that I already do. knowing that he's capable of living the life without me. so I need to take my own steps right? I changed my passwords and managed to leave my phone in the room, of course I keep on going in and out of the room the check it. nothing. not even a dust.

my friends were like "you'll find another guy"
I know their intention just to make me feel better.
but living the life as Amy Yasmin for almost 20 years once I fell in love, I fall deep.
I promised myself I won't do anything stupid so I rant cause it keeps me sane. bear with me dear readers.

let's pray I will not bump into him.. I cried just looking at his photos :-/

now.. now he doesn't want to.

I'll do anything just to hear he nag..

doing it all the time now..

so I could respond correctly just the way you want me too..

I was hoping we could be like them despite the numerous fight, they are still together to the very day..

because I missed having you there for me

and I want to watch Batman with you :-(

hope is a hope

and I think he can imagine the world without me.
me and boys, I always been successful on driving them away.
promises after promises and they left. I should start dating a girl instead. it's a joke guys.
I need to cry some more but everyone is pretty much awake so I'm holding back my tears.


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