2012 Raya Hijab Styles

assalamualaikum :-)
so Raya is over right? kinda..
I'm thinking of sharing my 2012 Raya hijab styles.
there are people asked how I do my hijab. the key is don't be a lazy bum.
you need to be generous with your time finding hijab tutorials in Youtube..

first day of Raya is Dewi Nilam's style.
sort of like this. I didn't take pictures that day.

second day of Raya.
I can't recall where I got this.
this goes well with pashmina..

third day of Raya is Siti Juwariyah's style.
ignore my face. thiz iz whatz happenz when I camwhored :-s

forth day of Raya.
I can say this is my own..
inspired by others but improvised by moi..
I'm not that daring to wear a turban so I made a style which look like one.
it satisfies me that it looks like Maysaa snood a bit since I can't afford one. hehe! any tutorial request?

fifth day of Raya.
this is also inspired by others but improvised by me.
originally I wanted to try some style from hijup by Dhatu Rembulan.
but I don't really fancy how it end up. so I twist here twist there pin here pin there and wallah!

now you know.
I get inspired a lot by Indonesia hijabers obviously..
I wanted to buy a scarf from Kaffah, Siti Juwariyah own label
but it really will cost me a fortune so I bought from Nadia Hijabs as an alternative.
so that's my Raya Hijab Styles. assalamualaikum :-)


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