semester break part 9

I was as usual doing my chores then my dad stopped me at the door
and said "esok bapak merik gaji driver okay?" hewhewhewhewhewhew

money makes me eager to shop
to be a smart shopper, you need to list out things you want to buy
prioritise them according to need and desire. these two are different.
then you need to know the place which is affordable and fit to your taste

I'm currently doing online window shopping
and found these awesome jeans at mango :-s
after I minus the low rise jeans and how it looked on model because I emphasized on the length a lot

super stretch skinny jeans
knowing my body type, I need a pair of jeans which can stretch a lot..

slim washed jeans
the colour and distressed is just nice! how can I resist.

now you know where I buy my jeans.
I go to mango because there's no kitschen in kuching tsk tsk tsk


  1. untungla dpt gaji pemandu jelitaaa.. hewhewhew


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