semester break part 8

let me be honest, I've been slacking off from my routine
I couldn't even last a week =_____________________='

it started with the running out of honey
then skipped the tummy exercise because of fasting
and so far I only bought one book because I'm sort of broke

currently my only fixed activity is watching running man
which means I don't really make a full use of the take a break software
I only take a break when I really reallyy reallyyy reallyyyy reallyyyyy need my nap

my eating habit is screwed
when one failure leads to another *sigh*
I'm not the same enthusiastic kid eh is trying to fix her life anymore

what I know now is that there are some things I need to do:

1. need to buy honey

2. clean my nails from ze polish

3. update my playlist ( I must have deleted asmaul husna when the memory card was formatted )

4. watch the dark knight rises ( well I haven't went out for a while plus dad said he'll give my some some when he receive his paycheck :-s )

I took the my major quiz again and got this
the potential careers for economics seems rather interesting than finance
and it seems like I do have a little potential in computer industry but not in network computing
if I pursue accounting, statistics & actuarial science or electronic commerce, I still can apply my computer skill
taking up public administration or urban & regional planning is the closest to architecture but I reflected myself after the interview which happened ages ago and found that I can't really draw though :-/
I'm simply not interested in logistics and sociology soooo...


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