semester break part 2

as I was saying in the previous post, I need a new and improved routine.
this is what I have in mind currently.

1. 8 hours sleep a day
2. a glass of water to start a day
3. a glass of honey drink a day ( it should be 2 glass a day but let's baby step yea )
4. tummy exercise ( I found the 17 magazine last month issue is very helpful. I'm feeling pain at my tummy area which means the exercise works, right?)
5. take a break from online ( this is for the sake of my eyesight, seriously its getting worst. I'll check my IT Knowledge for Workers book later for the details.)
6. organize all the movies in my laptop
7. pray 5 times a day ( I skipped them here and there and I'm not proud of it ) 
8. a book every week ( knowing my reading speed, I can read 2-3 book a day.. but buying book means I need money which I'm short of now.. so one new book a week will do. )
9. hang out once a week at most with sister, laila, atul or habib ( if I want to hang out with le sister and habib, I should wait till a really good movie come out. laila and atul they can sing, so jom karaoke. fain, naz, lina, faez, ezzah, you guys know where to find me )

have you guys noticed?
I'm writing the letter I in capital letter and greet salam properly.
improvement! hehe! I'll start crossing out the list starting tomorrow *pinkie promise*
opss! insyaAllah jika diizinkan Allah. btw I read somewhere the current spelling for insyaAllah is wrong.
I'll check it out and share it with you guys later. okay?
assalamualaikum :-)


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