semester break part 11

I just completed my 7 days of solat istikharah days ago..
I didn't received any sign so I guess that's the way Allah is saying to me to go with my instinct.

today didn't went so good for me.
I'm suffering from diarrhoea. a really bad one.
aunt told me to just break my fast at noon because she's worried I'll get dehydrated but I don't want to.
felt a little bit better in the evening and went to spring with le sister. on my way from spring to sarawak plaza, I eventually had to stop at nearest gas station because my tummy meragam :-s

I think I need a MORE beneficial NEW routine
because apart from my current routine, I still have a lot of time in my hand.
ow owh.. remember this post? nat said the hadis was a fake one wallahualam.


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