ramadhan part 2

what I've been up to these few days?
well I've been catching up with my tumblr and just want says thank you dear followers!
when I started my tumblr account, I never expected that I'll gain 170 followers and counting :-D

now that the wifi connection is awesome again
I will update my songs play list! emphasizing on the WILL
because I have been slacking off here and there from my routine. I get bored easily :-/

the official result was our yesterday
mine didn't change at all. I don't know what I should feel.
anyway, I called up my faculty and asked about procedure of changing the faculty
currently I'm waiting a respond from Professor Abu Hassan regarding the intake for accountancy.
please pray with me that he'll respond quickly. I don't want to start my new semester later than everyone else.

new routine! lol! I need a new drive to survive the days
1. get enough sleep
2. drink a glass of water
3. drink a glass of honey drink ( I've been skipping this for two days )
4. sahur
5. subuh ( this one is a real jihad for me. my eyes just won't cooperate )
6. check all of my social networks ( can you see how much the Internet means to me? )
7. perform zohor IN TIME
8. nap for 20 minutes
9. watch movies ( I was thinking of buying the dark knight rises pirated cd but somehow I just can't... )
10. help to angkat jemuran ( I can do this and wash clothes only. never ask me to fold clothes. that is the chores I hate the most )
11. perform asar IN TIME
12. read all of the novels
13. iftar with water and dates
14. perform maghrib
15. perform isyak and tarawikh at surau


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