sungkyunkwan scandal

currently I'm on my semester break.
so I decided to watch those movies in my lappy.
and I figure out a new obsession!

this guy *fangirl screams*
I rarely obsessed with movies or actors.
well this guy right here caught my attention.

he's this one cold arrogant young lord.
I'm having this love-to-hate kind of relationship with him.
debut as one of the member in a boy band which i don't fancy cause he looked so "jambu" back then. mehhhh!
but currently one of the member in JYJ. I need to start listening to their songs!
and his other movies too! *google-ing*

okay. none of his other movie interest me.
well maybe rooftop prince. anyone has it! I'll drop by to your house and bring along my hardrive!
I need to get back to my beloved young lord :-s
jangan marah ah Mohamad Habib :-p


  1. tgk lah rooftop prince..dye act gak..pon best..


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