salam :-)
i'm on my period and im in a good mood.

i reached my rented house and unpacked a bit.
text fatin asked if she's going to come in time for dinner.
she said no so i text habib and said
"sayang, keep on texting me. im going downstairs and take away some food."
then habib said wait. just wait there. he's coming over.

he did! at first i thought he's dropping his brother off at uitm so he swing by to see me.
well, nope! he came all the way here with his motorbike just to see me. awwww :-)
bumped into his cousin, sister's friend, ex-girlfriends, friends, friends of friends and even fatin's aunt!

at kfc..
habib: adoh..
me: knk?
habib: kawan kakak..
me: owh.. tak mok mek nutup muka kah?
habib: siklah. kmk patut tutup muka. kantoi mek g sitok. dah lah escape. kakak embak g spring tek bah..

then we went upstairs picked a table. seated ourselves then eat..
me: pahal bah tak g sitok?
habib: kfc sitok nyaman bah..
me: -.-

so we chat, chat and chat.
till habib said take a closer look at this one girl.
i did.. and he said he'll talk about it later.

we were walking back to my rented house.
and he said she's one of his ex.
and there was also another one there.
i just said "owh.." being the usual me.

he accompanied me went to the supermarket downstairs.
i wanted to buy some snacks and i even bumped into apip.
i was sending him off when yok, fatin's aunt came to send fatin over.
yes yok.. that's my boyfriend. hewhewhew!

thank you sayang for coming over.
don't come over again at night using your motorbike.
you're making me worried. you didn't even bring your raincoat :-/
and happy 14monthsarry :-*
hehe! salam :-)


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