saying hi

salam :-)
I've been quite busy lately so please don't mind me.
I'm currently at my second home hoping Fatin would wake up soon cause I wanna have my dinner.
so I could eat some Panadol, I don't feel so good *snifsnif* I think Im getting flu :-/

lemme start talking about whatever I remember *scrolling through my facebook's timeline*
yesterday, my driving license expired (Y) I'm no longer a kiddo driving around with a P sticker.
since it was a pubic holiday, I couldn't renew it. so I left my license with my dad plus my current photo.
so my new license should have my photo with a hijab on my head :-) alhamdulillah hew hew hew

on last Thursday, I went to class by my dad's car..
he's not around so he let me used it but of course with conditions.
so that morning I sent my mum to work first before I'm off to campus.
and listened to Lala's gotcha call on my way to campus. Gee is really something -.-

I stopped by my second home to picked up some stuff and also Fatin.
guess what?! I left my phone here and also realised it when I reached campus *sigh*
I skipped my class and I drove back here. okay, the skipping class part was intentionally :-s
then again, the silver lining was I got to do good deed that morning.
I gave Selena a ride to campus :-) alhamdulillah.

I have some issues with a friend here in campus so i don't really have companions for lunch :-(
so on that day, I called Fiza telling her I will be picking her up after I'm done with my class to have luncheon with me :-s
we hung out at McDonald cause I really wanted to try Horlick Crunch Mcflurry hew hew hew
I think it's a bit sweet to my liking. I prefer Oreo Mcflurry better.

 *scrolling through twitter* please don't mind me, I do have a really small space for memory in my brain.
last Monday, le familia picked me up cause the next day was a public holiday.
my dad treated us dinner at Pizza Hut. we got they-really-can-eat kind of look from the workers there. alhamdullilah ;-)
then my dad said he's going out for a while to smoke, when he got back inside he got this really stupid looking donkey on his hand.
he bought that donkey for RM35 and his only reason was to scared off the kids -.-
my mum didn't approved of the donkey so we went back to the kiosk and guess what?!
my dad paid an extra RM20 then trade the donkey for a cat who can belly dance to Shania Twain song =.='

so that's my week. how's yours?
may you have a bless day ahead.
assalamualaikum :-)


  1. waalaikumsalam.
    scrolling your social network and getting infos about your daily life!
    enjoy your everyday with smiles yo! :)

  2. our last weekend similar cos tried Horlick Mcflurry.. :)

  3. arekymz: oh well saya sgt pelupa to the max.. hehe!
    wawa: *high five* :-)


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