call me maybe

assalamualaikum :-)
i have been commute from home to campus for this week.
my dad refuse to send me back to my rented house.
so i could help around the house as usual.

there was this one night.
my credit just ran out without notice.
i was well, sending text to habib. i was so upset!
so i asked habib to called me up.
the thing is, i couldn't just talk with him liddat as normally i would because everyone also seems to have things to do in ze room.
so habib came up with this signal.

habib: press 1 for yes 2 for no.
me: *pressing one*
habib: do you miss me?
me: *pressing one*

so it went on and on until.

habib: adsmkjsncjabsdciudabvsucdvb?
me: *confuse because i can't heard clearly*
habib: kndsojsancojbadsocbdoaucbducdbaco?
me: *still confuse so i pressed 3*
habib: 3 is forrrr? that wasn't the instruction syg..
me: *helding in my laughed*

habib made it worst.

habib: if you were mute. this i probably how we could communicate to each other.
me: *can't help myself from laughing*
habib: if we went out and i asked "syg, where should we eat? then you would pressed my finger or something".

i wanted him to stop but i can't let myself talked so i just let him talked till he's done with it.
eventually he stopped because he can't let me stayed up too late since i have class in the next day..
i slept well that night :-) mind us for cuteness overload.
assalamualaikum! have a great weekends..


  1. yerrrr sekali nangga bila kau dah bergerek kau sweet lgk..

  2. awwww... i DO need a boyfriend!


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