Friendly Fashion

salam :-)
i would like to share with you guys about this site.
this site is a platform for people to swap, sell or give away their used items.

you guys could buy cheaper items which are still good as new.
or win-win situation, you swap your items with the one you desired with other members of the site.
plus, you could do some good deeds by giving away your used items to the needy ones :-)
doesn't this sounds interesting? :-)

i've been browsing through the site and i'm keeping my eyes on some items.
well until i saved up some money to buy them of course.

this is so me :-)

this asos dress pair it up with a white skirt. tada!

a high-waisted jeans! i've been looking around for this.

esprit ankle length boots! too bad its too big for me *sigh*

i'm a member of the site myself.
i did post an entry of selling my own pre-loved items.
which did not get any respond. i shall post my items up on this site!
i shall recommend this site to a friend of mine, fain. she has some accessories which she doesn't wear any more.

Friendly Fashion provide forum for members to discuss things that matter.
we female, have lots of things that matter. am i right?
be alert of the contests and promotions held. you might win something awesome :-)
for a personal updates and opinions, click this to visit ze blog.

click those links guys!
what you have to lose :-)
i shall go back there and continue drooling.
why money no grow on trees *sigh*
salam :-)

p/s ze site is on digi wwwow awards! click this to vote people!


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