an amazing day

salam :-)
yesterday i went out with habib. hehehehehe!
we went out after he perform his solat jumaat.

we actually wanted to watch wrath of titan butttt
ya juak rami org ngalah kaunter org check in nak g haji. paham ko?!
of course we waited patiently there for almost half an hour.
we end up watching street dance. typical! but not that bad..

habib asked why fatin didnt tag along.
so i text ze girl and said lets have ze dinner together.
so we went to mcd and we lepaklah..

highlight of the day is that we bump into my aunt and cousin.
i swear habib's face was red as tomato. hehe!
its because my cousin knew about us.
we ALWAYS running into him whenever we went out together.
i think my face is going to turn that colour too if we bump into habib's mom at spring :-p

there was this candy land at spring for easter monday.
i was making all these sad faces to make habib agree on taking pictures at the photo booth.
that didnt work out so well. soooo i actually went back there with fatin just to take pictures :-s

this cost us rm20 for 2 strips :-p

gigi family cullen ku nampak eh!

im an easter bunny!

and guess what?!
i dah coba toilet rm2 springggg
well its nice lah kan obviously kalau dah bayar.
but the best part is it has this automatic tutttt washer. lol!!
push that button plus it will automatic flush your waste!

i sound so wrong.
getting excited about toilet pffft!
expect more updates people.
im on my midterm break :-D
salam :-)


  1. all the best for your coming semester.
    I'm looking forward to watch that movie too.
    I love dancing act..


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