updates on my life

salam people!
im at home currently.
i was back yesterday because my dad is outstation and he need me to send my gramps to the airport.
she's going to singapore to watch my brother perform with his band. so yeah!

as im writing here.
i actually have loads of assignments waiting for me.
im waiting for izyan to finish up her part of SAD assignments then i'll be continuing them from that.
i also have CCN assignments. i need to read up all of that RFC. urgh!
well im lucky to i dont need to do the essay. thank you partner! lol!!
and that TMX website. hey you know what.. after im done with the website i'll show it off to you guys *wink*

last friday i went out with shu and amoy.
we went to spring for some girls time and movies.
i managed to get myself one cool top.
im wearing it now and i bought it for only rm28!
that was a great bargain :-D

we even watched john carter after that!
awesome man! two thumbs up!
on the next day i went out with my sister and fatin.
my sister splurge at one jaya, spring and sarawak plaza.
even fatin was shocked.. oh well ;-)

i discovered new addictions.
i love tribal printed and tie dye stuffs :-s
im still on a hunt to find tribal printed shawl.
if anyone know where i could find one please let me know :-)

to my dearest friends.
qura-quratul ain and nurkhairunnissa'.
happy belated birthday! lol!!
im sorry i didnt prepared anything for you guys..
thank you for never fail to cheer me up everyday.
i wish atul sort things out with arif.
while amoy i hope she'll the right guy.
love you two to the max :-*

thats all i can think of to write right now..
i'll write again if i thought of something okay?
till then! please take a good care of yourself.
salam :-)


  1. Quratul ain..
    my friend's name also the same as yours.
    its been awhile your missing from blogging huh?
    welcome back..

  2. but her actual name spell like this "Qurratul-Ain". hehe! weird isn't it? yupe. i got caught up with life :-p


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